The story of someone shaped by the hotel business

Meet the Managing Director of Fairmas 

Niels Schröder, the Managing Director of Fairmas GmbH, started his career in the hospitality industry at a very young age. He worked his way up from hotel operation to regional revenue manager at an international chain. His well-rounded experience and deep understanding of the ground realities of the industry paved his way to a career defined by hospitality. He knew the pain points and was the perfect person to lead from the front to create innovative solutions for the industry.  

Every year, the hospitality industry learns and adapts to new trends. How customers interact with the hospitality industry creates room for further growth. As globalization increases, and traveling becomes more affordable, the hospitality industry sees a growing influx of customers. In order to succeed, it is important to not only adapt to the new trends, but also be aware of what the future may hold in the industry to anticipate how your hotel may grow in the future.​

This knack for the hospitality industry paired with his years of experience led him to become the Managing Director of Fairmas GmbH in 2011. He received the opportunity to be on the other side of the business and take decisions that will help the growth of the global hotel sector. Throughout his journey, Niels learnt the art of managing people, how to become stress resistant in a high-pressure situation, manage operations and eventually use his key skills to resolve persistent problems through innovative software solutions. He also learnt that human connections are the backbone of a successful company and views his colleagues as more than just employees working for Fairmas.

Hospitality is an industry where an environment of harmony within the team is of the essence because if guests are lined up, they expect to be served today, not tomorrow. You need to cooperate, build personal relationships, spend extensive time together, and strive towards a common goal. There is no ‘me’ in hospitality, it is always a ‘we’ mindset and Niels strives to bring that mentality in the way he works with the team at Fairmas. He is an extremely approachable person and treats his employees like a close-knit family. His warm nature acquired from hospitality translates into a flat hierarchy at Fairmas with everyone being valued equally while embracing their differences as a team striving towards a common goal.

“I believe the heart and soul of Fairmas are our employees. I consider them more than just colleagues or faces behind a computer screen. They are the driving force of Fairmas, and I value their opinions and embrace their differences wholeheartedly. We are not just a team working together, we are a family and I love building personal connections with everyone. Their abilities make me feel confident about the future of Fairmas and I know great things are in store for Fairmas with such a diligent and hardworking team”.

Niels Schröder, Managing Director of Fairmas GmbH

His move to Fairmas, a modern, future-oriented tech company with innovative SaaS products, was not only a career opportunity for him, but also a way to give back to the industry. He understood early on that the hospitality industry had to reinvent itself. External factors such as the economy, technology, labor, fluctuating guest expectations, the need for a sustainable global environment and staying steadfast in ever-changing times will persist in the future. He strongly believes that there will be a lot of change surrounding hospitality, and technology and innovative solutions are needed to enable the industry to keep up with the changing times while remaining profitable.

Niels aims that Fairmas will continue to grow and become a global leader in providing a 360° Hospitality Financial BI Solution. With his grit and expertise, he is leading the company to become an even more reliable partner in the industry to support the daily hotel operation and optimize reporting processes. Thus, closing the gaps between operators, owners, and investors by continually providing innovative software solutions worldwide. His well-rounded experiences within the hotel business are an ode to how fully his heart is invested in making the best choices for his employees, clients, and the global hospitality industry.

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