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Why Revenue Planning
& Analytics?

Revenue Planning & Analytics (RP&A) is a tailored tool designed for all profit centers, providing flexibility in planning and rapid intervention to short-term changes. With seamless interfaces from various PMS, RMS, Rate Shoppers as well as STR Benchmarking efficiently plan on a daily or monthly basis. Delve into an analysis of reservations OTB and their pickup per market segment, enabling you to identify insights into high and low demand, empowering proactive Sales and Revenue Management strategies.

Comprehensive revenue planning

Define your budget and forecast intervals according to your property’s requirements, planning hotel revenue daily during high season and monthly during low season. Easily switch between planning total values or pickups based on market segmentation, and plan hotel departments or profit centers separately for a clearer understanding of profit and loss.

Seamless integration

A large number of interfaces are available from a multitude of PMS, RMS, Rate Shoppers and benchmarking systems. Check here for existing interfaces. We are always happy to add more integrations.













Adjustable market segmentation & daily pickup

Select the level of detail for your market segments while planning and monitoring room occupancy and revenue. Create your company’s standard market segmentation and map individual PMS segments from different hotels. Additionally, daily pickup per market segment is provided for three years in advance to support predictive occupancy and rate planning.

Flexible planning scenarios

Flexible budget, forecast & ‘what-if’ planning scenarios are at your fingertips.

Customisable event calendar

Increase transparency of your planning by entering events in the planning and comparison period. Report & compare event KPIs for your past, ongoing and future events.

Reporting & analysis

Our unique reporting includes daily performance reporting and booking pace analysis, along with year-on-year comparisons. Enjoy easy-to-understand representations with clear graphics and tables, providing a quick and reliable preview of your occupancy development to help you make sound decisions.

PickupTracking App

PickupTracking is also available in an App allowing you access to all relevant data no matter where you are and what time it is, available for both iOS and Android operating systems

24/7 web-access available

Access the web-based software from anywhere, anytime, and always work with the latest version. With 24/7 availability, you no longer need to worry about hardware or server resources, ensuring your data is always at your fingertips.


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