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Fairmas is a software company specializing in providing financial planning, reporting, and analysis solutions for the hotel industry which understands the intricacies of the hospitality industry and helps customers grow & increase their profit for a sustainable future. Fairmas is from hotel experts, for hotel experts and believes in a process-driven approach based on high data quality.  

Fairmas offers several advantages that can help streamline your financial planning & reporting process. Our solutions include automated data transfer, saving you time and effort. Our software is standardized and tailored specifically for the hospitality industry, ensuring accurate and relevant reporting. We provide important KPIs automatically, enabling you to make informed decisions. Our hotel-specific software also facilitates automated reporting and offers an easy and fast way to create budgets and forecasts. The software is designed by hotel experts, for hotel experts. By implementing our software, you can access all the necessary data to plan your costs and revenues in detail, maximizing your hotel’s profit. 
Fairmas allows you to define the P&L structure yourself based on the specific needs of your hotel(s). You have the flexibility to customize the structure to align with your departments and market segments, ensuring that our solutions meet your requirements. Our flexible mapping feature allows you to align/match the source system’s data with your defined or selected standard in our solution. We have different modules available which focus on certain areas of the financial planning, reporting and analysis process e.g., a dedicated revenue planning module and a payroll planning module. We give the customer the liberty to decide which one fits their needs best. 

At Fairmas, we offer over 70 integrations to ensure compatibility with a wide range of platforms. This includes PMS, RMS (Revenue Management Systems), Accounting systems, ERPs, DMS (Document Management Systems), Rate Shoppers, and Benchmarking.  

We have a dedicated interface team that focuses on creating new interfaces and integrating our software with various systems. If the software you are using is not included in our list, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to consider providing relevant interfaces. 

Our license model follows a yearly fee per module and per property/hotel. The cost of the setup may vary depending on your specific requirements. Please contact our sales team for detailed information regarding pricing. 

No, our software is designed to be user-friendly. Its structure is easy to understand, and the P&L structure can be customized to each client’s specific needs. Our driver calculations are straightforward, particularly for individuals who work with numbers on a daily basis. Fairmas ensures that our solutions can accommodate your evolving needs. 

Yes, our software allows you to consolidate your hotel portfolio automatically. You can automate, standardise & consolidate data for all hotel properties with actual, planning (budget, forecast) & on the books (OTB) data. You can also receive daily updated hotel KPIs. Our software allows you to have full control over which scenarios are consolidated by linking a workflow. This enables you to keep a check on the overall economic picture of your whole portfolio, or by flexible sets and specific cluster combinations. 

Yes, Fairmas provides a standardized, hotel-specific software solution. By utilizing our platform, you can streamline and standardize your financial processes. Our integrated workflow provides you with an overview and gives you control of each step of your individual planning & reporting process. 

Yes, Fairmas software is available in nine languages, catering to a global user base. 

Absolutely! Fairmas software has the capability to handle currency conversion, accommodating multi-currency operations. 

Yes, our software allows you to establish different levels of user rights and permissions. You can grant access to different departments and management levels, ensuring that each user has appropriate access based on their specific needs and responsibilities. 

A forecast is essential for more accurate planning. It enables you to better plan your costs and revenues by allowing you to react to changes and variations throughout the year or month. Unforeseen circumstances can be factored into the forecast, safeguarding your profit from potential major losses. The more accurate your plan, the better equipped you are to manage your financial performance. 

The implementation process typically takes between 8 to 12 weeks for almost all our modules. For the PickupTracking module specifically, implementation takes only a few days. Our project management team will guide you through each step, providing support and assistance. This includes setting up the initial P&L structure (Chart of Accounts), software installation, training sessions, and creating the first planning scenarios (forecast / budget / What-if). We ensure that you receive ongoing support and assistance throughout the implementation process. 

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