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To enable you to make smarter decisions, achieve your goals & increase your profit, Fairmas provides a range of forecast and budget planning software solutions for your hotel’s financial planning, controlling & management reporting needs.

With years of hospitality experience & knowledge, our 360° Hospitality Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) software is tailor-made for you, used in more than 5,500 hotels by more than 18,000 users worldwide, available in 9 languages.

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Overview of all our products

Our Fairmas products are tailor-made for your hotel’s financial needs.


Browse through the products overview video to understand how our web-based solutions for efficient cost and revenue planning, and transparent reporting can enable you to increase your hotel’s profit. Our focus on profit helps you ensure a healthy bottom line and secure long-term business.

A hotel-specific 360° Financial Planning & Analysis software to efficiently plan your revenue, costs & profits for all areas of your hotel profit and loss statement. Automatic planning function via drivers & comparison function of alternative planning scenarios are available. All financial indicators can easily be consolidated at the touch of a button. Automatically combine planning figures with actual values from your accounting system and pre-booking status from your PMS. This flexible management reporting provides a comprehensive 360° view of your business.

You can also plan all relevant costs & salary per employee and per department that result in precise analyses for all management levels. Furthermore, perform operational consolidation & portfolio performance analysis for all your hotels.

As stand-alone or integrated into FairPlanner, Advanced Revenue Planner is hotel financial planning and reporting tool designed to give you full flexibility in planning and monitoring your revenues. It is developed for proactive hotel and revenue management. It provides full flexibility in the level of detail of your planning.

You can quickly intervene in case of short-term changes and deviations from the plan. Automatic data transfer of actual, on-the-books and forecast data via interfaces from PMS & RMS allows you to easily get all the information with just one click.

Provides a quick overview of all relevant hotel key figures of the current booking situation, the changes of today and rolling for the next 3 years. With just one click, important hotel KPIs including occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, and accompanying graphs, are all available at a glance. It is a time and cost-effective alternative to complex spreadsheet solutions.

You can quickly spot deviations from the budget & forecast & validate current planning vs the pickup pace of the past. PickupTracking integrates easily with a large number of interfaces available from various PMS and RateShoppers. We are always happy to add more integrations.

Deals with the manual processes of data management to enable Asset Managers to focus on what matters: the evaluation and analysis of the appropriately prepared data. Make your success visible and increase your profit by standardising and automating Asset Management Reporting for the entire hotel portfolio.


Reduce an asset manager’s manual and tedious workload by 80% & give them more time to analyse the data & take action.


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