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Plan efficiently and benefit from extensive reporting options

FairPlanner online is your modular, web-based P&L planning and controlling software to create transparent budgets and forecasts. Multilingual. Multi-currency.


Key Functions

Take advantage of cost center based reporting according to USALI - the global standard of the hospitaltiy industry to profitability determination.
You decide – plan your revenue on a daily or monthly basis, tailored to your business model.
Plan for the next months in advance – regardless of the financial year. With the rolling forecast, your key figures are always up-to-date.
Calculate business changes such as renovations, building expansions, new businesses, best case or worst case based on your current planning scenarios, without having to change it. The "What if" scenarios offer a flexible approach to planning without taking influence on the real planning.
The flexible P&L structure allows comparisons and shows variances between all available processes and years – you decide which evaluations are relevant.
Planning data and actual results are automatically transferred to the consolidation level and immediately show the overall economic picture of the entire portfolio or certain clusters.
P&L for all processes and all operations, market segmentation, key figures, flow-through, allocation – comprehensive reports on company or portfolio level.
See key figures at a glance, for individual companies or as a comparison of several business units – as the basis for sound decisions.
Plan your salary & wages and payroll, taxes, employee benefits based on the manning guide - automatic calculation of the PTEBs, productivity calculation, bonus calculation.
Use our solutions wherever you are. The web-based access is available from anywhere and always at your service. Complex hardware purchases are a thing of the past.

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Revenue Management

Planning and Controlling for efficient and accurate revenue management. Forecasting and Budgeting for individual market segments on a daily and/or monthly basis. In addition to the time savings, controlled data quality is guaranteed by automatic data exchange via interfaces to your Property Management System. Functions


The extensive reporting includes budget, forecast, “What if” and actual data, time periods, scenarios, variances, detailed cost center results. Evident tables, clear figures, subdivided into operating, revenue and profit centers – it is your fast, reliable overview of the revenue, wage and material costs planning of all departments according to USALI.



Owner & Top Management

The Management Reporting Soft­ware for your whole portfolio. By consolidating the data of all your business units, which can be individually compiled according to your own organizational structure, our solution provides the management with a flexible and sound basis for strategic business decisions. Functions

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