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Fairmas Hotel Financial Planning

Financial planning to ensure a healthy bottom line and to secure long-term business with the focus on profit.

FairPlanner, with interfaces to all major Property Management Systems (PMS), Accounting Systems, Revenue and Document Management systems among others for automated data integration, is the hotel-specific business intelligence solution for efficient and transparent revenue and profitability planning.


As a web-based corporate performance management software, FairPlanner is a controlling and planning solution at the same time: The intuitive dashboard shows all relevant hotel key performance indicators (KPI) and market data for 360° insights for the corporate control at a glance. The integrated planning and reporting function enables an efficient sales and cost planning for all hotel areas and hotel departments based on hotel-specific P&L charts of accounts.




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Overview of functionalities

Benefit from the advantages of cost center accounting according to a flexible chart of accounts framework (e.g. Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI)* - the hotel industry standard).

    *Disclaimer:Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) is the official entity who owns the copyright to the USALI. The copyright was previously owned by the Hotel Association of New York City. Revisions to the USALI are overseen by the Financial Management Committee (FMC) of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), a majority of which are also HFTP members. Fairmas only uses the term "USALI" to refer to the existing industry standard as one of several, possible, company-specific P&L account frameworks. 
Fairmas provides a wide range of interfaces to the various property management, accounting, document management and revenue systems. If required, we can also program missing interfaces.
Always plan ahead for the next months - regardless of the fiscal year. With the rolling forecast, your key figures are always up to date.
You decide - in the rooms revenue department, you can plan your revenue on a daily or monthly basis, tailored to your business model.
Calculate business changes such as renovations, extensions, new operations, best case or worst case based on your current planning scenarios without having to really change them. The "what if" scenarios offer you a flexible planning approach, without affecting the real/actual planning.
Planning data and actual results are automatically transmitted to the consolidation level and immediately show the overall economic picture of the entire portfolio or specific clusters. By linking to a workflow you define, you have full control over which scenarios are consolidated.
The flexible P&L structure enables comparisons and shows variances between all available processes and years - you determine which evaluations are relevant.
P&L for all processes and all operations, market segmentation, key performance indicators, flow-through, allocation – access comprehensive reports on company or portfolio level.
Plan your wage costs based on the staffing plan - with automatic calculation of non-wage labor costs, productivity calculation, bonus calculation.
Use our solutions wherever you are. The web-based access is available from anywhere and always at your disposal. Complex hardware purchases are a thing of the past.
See the key performance metrics at a glance, for individual operations or for comparison of multiple business units - as basis for all your informed decisions.
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FairPlanner is based on a flexible, customer-specific (P&L) chart of accounts framework (e.g. USALI*). This makes FairPlanner easy to implement and ready to use in all types of hotel businesses, being able to standardize and consolidate data regardless of the hotel locations. It is also highly flexible as the chart of accounts could be customized according to each hotel’s specific requirements. FairPlanner incorporates all operational hotel departments, building a bridge from the profit and loss statement (P&L) to the budget and forecast planning.


The automated consolidation of actual data from your accounting system and the on the books reservations (OTB) from your PMS for the calculation of daily updated hotel performance indicators (KPI) in FairPlanner, provides you with an up to date target/ actual comparison of your budget and revenue planning at a glance. In FairPlanner, you see deviations immediately and without any additional effort so you can intervene at once.


FairPlanner’s Rolling Forecast feature, which complements the backward-looking actual/budget comparison feature, allows you to predict future developments. The monthly forecast shows deviations before they occur, so that you can take countermeasures in good time. In addition, you can quickly and easily calculate alternative future scenarios in the “What-If” calculation feature using the driver function. With the knowledge of the effect of alternative additional costs , occupancy rates and room rates on your company’s success, you lay the foundation for transparent, well-founded and information-led decisions – at no extra cost and whenever necessary.


Have the right information in the right place. Graphically presented information for less explanation. FairPlanner’s integrated management reporting system combines planning and reporting in one solution. FairPlanner automatically delivers the right report to the respective user via e-mail. Ad hoc reports can be generated quickly and easily. Information depth and content can be defined individually according to functional area and management level – consolidated for group level, per hotel brand or for a single hotel. The result: reports providing all decision-relevant data in a clearly structured format.


*Disclaimer: Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) is the official entity who owns the copyright to the USALI. The copyright was previously owned by the Hotel Association of New York City. Revisions to the USALI are overseen by the Financial Management Committee (FMC) of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), a majority of which are also HFTP members. Fairmas only uses the term “USALI” to refer to the existing industry standard as one example of several, possible, company-specific P&L account frameworks. 


Revenue Management & Distribution

Digitization and globalization have made the role of Hotel Revenue Management much more complex and more extensive.


For the processing and analysis of daily updated data from the various hotel software programs as required by today’s revenue management, manually managed Excel spreadsheets are no longer sufficient. Profit and yield-oriented revenue management requires automated access via interfaces, combined with an analysis tool that shows target/actual deviations at the touch of a button, allows segment-specific analyses for flexible periods and simplifies the creation of budgets and forecasts.


Switching to FairPlanner puts an end to excruciatingly slow planning cycles and error-prone manual data entry.

As a link between hotel accounting, PMS and document management systems, FairPlanner optimizes the entire financial planning and controlling process:


  • Budgets and forecasts that are easily created
  • Uncomplicated planning based on past figures
  • By market segment and cost center
  • Driver function
  • Validation through pickup data from previous year
  • Updated hotel key figures at the touch of a button
  • Ongoing documentation of all changes
  • Simple display of the target-actual deviations

FairPlanner provides revenue management with a financial planning tool specially developed for hotels for efficient and information-based decisions.




Finance Planning & Controlling

Hotel controlling also evolved and gained in importance with the increased trend towards centralisation and consolidation, apart from the growing competition.


Apart from the traditional role of cost calculation and accounting, data analysis and information gathering for strategic decisions and market-related issues have also come into play.


Given all these, controlling requires a multifunctional program with interfaces to the various data sources. It should be able to easily understand changes and deviations, calculate alternative actions in what-if scenarios and have a flexible reporting system that takes into account the specificities of the hotel industry.


FairPlanner’s integrated management reporting systemoffers a comprehensive range of ready-made reports. It covers the entire budget, forecast and “What if” planning. Changes and deviations are displayed for individually adjustable periods.

The Drill Down menu of FairPlanner allows analysis at department level up to the inspection of individual invoices, as it also supports in the easy consolidation at group level.


Graphically presented tables that are clearly arranged and broken down into operational revenue and profit centers, provide Controlling with a reliable overview of the revenue, payroll and material cost planning of all departments – comparable for multi-property companies, by using a customer-specific standard (e.g. USALI*).




Owner & Top Management

The challenges in the hotel industry are increasing – no matter if you make decisions as owner, top management or investor.


The hospitality market is highly dynamic, growing strongly and subject to enormous competitive pressure. In addition, the guest wishes of guests constantly change and the continuously rising costs put pressure on profits.


In order to keep an eye on your own company’s success and to recognize and use potential ahead of time, you need a solution that is flexible, efficient and transparent enough to provide you and your employees with the right information for your decisions. This is possible at the touch of a button.


FairPlanner is the missing link in your hotel IT environment with its program design specially tailored to the special features of the hotel industry, with interfaces to existing hotel software and its integrated management reporting.


As owner, you have everything in one hand – simply integrated and well prepared. The data is compiled individually according to your own organizational structure. Easy consolidation is possible for multiple properties through standardization.

FairPlanner is web-based, saving you high costs as there is no need for new hardware. You will also regularly receive updates on new features. Our Service Team will support you and your staff during the entire implementation. Even after the extensive training, our team will be personally available to assist you every weekday from 8 am to 6 pm.




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