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Case Studies: See how tailor made Hospitality Financial BI Solution can help companies run their business.

Since our foundation in 2003, we have supported a large number of hotel businesses by introducing efficient financial planning, controlling, and reporting process managing through the integration of FairPlanner, PickupTracking, and Advanced Revenue Planner.

In order to give you an insight of which process steps have to be taken in the digitalization of complex hotel financial planning, we have put together some practical examples of best practice in the form of case studies. These case studies will give you an idea of what has to be considered when implementing profit-oriented revenue and cost planning in actual hotel operations and the benefits you can expect as a result of the successful integration with FairPlanner.

You can find a list of our customers under Customer References. You will notice that the size of the hotel does not matter when making a strategic decision for a hotel-specific BI software.

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From cost & time-consuming reporting to collaborative success controlling

Efficient and transparent revenue and profitability planning

Executive Summary:

What was convincing was the easy access to valid performance indicators and the simple analysis due to the large variety of reports. It is effortless to get an overview of the current situation compared to the targeted goals with just a few clicks significantly strengthened managers’ motivation to act independently and proactively. The effort for analysis and reporting was reduced to a minimum while increasing forecast accuracy.



Introduction of a group-wide planning and reporting standard

Consolidation with Just One Click Without Loss of Information

Executive Summary:

The introduction of the standardized planning and reporting system by FairPlanner ensures easy consolidation at group level, speeds up the flow of information and provides a transparent performance evaluation for individual entities. The easy access to current revenue and cost data at every level successfully forms the basis for ” Think global, act local” and significantly shortens response times in operational management.



The ultimate bespoke solution for the big player in the chain hotel industry

Success with strategic focus on controlling

Executive Summary:

Our close cooperation has made it possible to develop a standardized platform that meets all the individual requirements of a global corporation with a focus on data-driven financial planning and controlling.

Customizations and extensions are based on the channelled experience of hundreds of users. This guarantees high functionality and performance at all levels.

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