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Faimas Revenue Planning and Controlling

The tailor-made planning and controlling tool for all hotel revenues. Developed for proactive hotel -and revenue management.


The Advanced Revenue Planner, as stand-alone or as an additional module integrated into FairPlanner, offers you full flexibility in planning and controlling your revenues. Simply switch from daily to monthly planning, automatically distribute monthly values to the individual days and decide whether you prefer to plan pickups or absolute values.


Thanks to the automatic data transfer of actual, on‑the‑books and forecast data via interfaces from PMS & RMS you get easily all information with one click for the quick response in case of short-term changes and plan deviations.


Advanced Revenue Planner


Overview of functionalities

Define your own individual planning interval and according to your requirements, or change it as needed. For example, hotels in holiday destinations can work on a daily basis during holiday months and plan on a monthly basis during low season. City hotels, on the other hand, benefit from daily planning, especially in the months of trade fairs and for short-notice demand
Change the planning screen by simply pushing one button. Switch from planning of the total values to the planning of pickups. Plan the rooms department and your other hotel departments / profit centers separately and decide which segmentation level you want to plan.
Change the level of detail of your market segments as you wish when planning and controlling your room occupancy and revenue. The simple “zoom-in zoom-out” from PMS segments to a more generic segmentation allows you to control with highest level of accuracy, thus improving your planning overview and reliability.
Decide at your choice which scenario shall be edited for your key figure-based planning. Whether budget, forecast or "what-if", the planning scenarios are completely at your fingertips and can be changed at anytime.
The presentation of events in the planning period as well as in the comparison period (e.g. from the previous year) simplifies the consideration of relevant factors influencing the demand for rooms, and at the same time increases the transparency of your planning. You can create events yourself and/or "subscribe" to certain events of a destination.
The choice is yours: Use our hotel-specific revenue planning and controlling module as a stand-alone solution or integrated into FairPlanner. As an additional FairPlanner module, you have the advantage that the costs are calculated directly from the revenue planning in the FairPlanner profit and loss account based on the drivers you have entered.
The extensive range of interfaces is an essential feature of all Fairmas products. The automated data transfer from and to the existing hotel software and other third party providers is carried out via interfaces. If your hotel software is not included in our list of existing interfaces, please contact us.
Like all Fairmas products, the Advanced Revenue Planner is web-based. You do not need any additional hardware and can access the software from anywhere, anytime. In addition, you have the certainty of always working with the latest version and will immediately benefit from any functional expansion or improvement.

With Advanced Revenue Planner, you decide which department you want to plan, be it the rooms department, F&B or other revenues centers. Select the right market segmentation level according to your individual requirements. You can use the detailed market segmentation from your PMS or use a different, separate grouping of hotel segments (e.g. your own customized group) for your revenue planning and control. This gives you full flexibility in the level of detail of your planning.


The Advanced Revenue Planner receives all relevant actual and on-the-books data automatically and daily updated via interfaces from the Property Management Systems (PMS). The optional connection to your Revenue Management System (RMS) also offers the integration of demand forecast data. For a 360° view of your hotel’s performance, competitor information from the hotel benchmarking (Fairmas & STR) can also be integrated and displayed.


You can find detailed information about the Advanced Revenue Planner in the Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded as a PDF here:


Hotel segments & segment levels

“High target group accuracy, great effect” this rule applies in advertising as well as in the successful revenue management of hotels of any size.


The challenge lies in the formation of the segments. The groups should be defined with as little differences as possible within one hotel segment. A hotel segment is homogeneous if the booking behavior is the same, if the expectations of the services of a hotel business are almost identical and, in addition, if there is a comparable price sensitivity.


The differences between the various hotel segments should be clear and sufficient. However, the same applies to segmentation. If it is too small-scale, the added value on the revenue side, based on differentiated rate setting and offer planning, can be offset by the increased time and organizational effort.


Too much depth of detail can also be a hindrance. While a strongly differentiating analysis supports the hotel operation, it can constrain the work and review options a higher decision level due to the information overload.


Therefore a flexible choice of segment levels as well as an easy switch amongst levels/ segments is crucial, as offered by the Advanced Revenue Planner.

Planning reliability & hotel key figures

Nobody can predict the future, but with the right and carefully prepared information, you can increase the accuracy of your revenue planning and reduce the likelihood of plan-deviations. The difficulty lies in the multitude of sources, the amount of information and the task of converting these into usable statements.


The Advanced Revenue Planner is designed that all necessary digital data from PMS and RMS, existing in the hotel IT environment, are automatically imported and converted into key figures in accordance with the hotel standards.


The data transfer is carried out completely via interfaces, because manual data entry leads to incorrect entries much faster the amount of time reduces the relevance of the data and increases costs.


For example, you need historical values for your room revenue to determine variances. Flexibility is also required here due to the different information requirements. Sometimes you need data for a specific day. Other times you need the occupancy and the ADR for a hotel segment in a specific event period as a reference point for your rate planning. The Advanced Revenue Planner as an extended module of FairPlanner with PickupTracking allows direct access to the occupancy and room rate of a hotel segment up to 5 years in the past.


The integrated event calendar shows you events and trade fairs relevant to demand in the planning period and from previous years. You can subscribe to this calendar for a specific destination and add your own events as required.


General hotel market data from hotel benchmarking (e.g. Fairmas & STR) provide other key planning-relevant clues. These are also easily integrated via interfaces.

Reaction times & planning intervals

In our fast-paced world, we do not need a pandemic corona crisis to realize that agile and proactive action can only be taken by those who plan and monitor revenues regularly and at short intervals.


Nevertheless, narrow planning intervals alone are hardly enough. Each hotel is individual and differs in terms of seasonality, guest structure and much more. Therefore, flexibility is also required.


Automated daily data integration via interfaces is a prerequisite for this. Without the daily data transfer, the daily-based key figure evaluation is not a reflection of the actual turnover per day. Conversely, however, in certain planning phases of revenue planning, the automatic distribution of a monthly total value to the individual days at the push of a button can be very helpful. This function considerably reduces the workload.


It should also be possible to quickly switch from daily planning and controlling to a monthly planning rhythm. This function is helpful in the months with a relatively stable demand and booking behavior, for example in the low season with high amount of regular guests


As owner, you have everything in one hand – simply integrated and well prepared. The data is compiled individually according to your own organizational structure. Easy consolidation is possible for multiple properties through standardization.


In volatile demand periods or at certain ADR-strong event periods, you can simply switch over to revenue planning and controlling on a daily basis. This empowers you to take charge and manage your revenues faster and more efficiently.


The Advanced Revenue Planner combines high flexibility in the planning process with the maximum of data quality and timeliness.

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