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Fairmas PickupTracking

The automated recording of changes in hotel occupancy, room rate and revenue per market segment. For the daily target-actual comparison with the overall target.

PickupTracking provides you with all the daily updated hotel performance indicators (KPI) and other necessary evaluations for the profit-oriented hotel room rental in just one click. In contrast to the simple allocation plan, PickupTracking as a monitoring system takes over the task of the ongoing documentation of all room booking transactions separately according to your hotel segments, while also showing the booking process.

PickupTracking is the missing link of automated controlling instruments for hotel and revenue management and enables the efficient monitoring and optimization of the revenue strategy without additional manual effort.

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Overview of functionalities

Pickup Tracking provides historical “on the books” data and its pickup development. Historical OTB data and pick up for up to 5 years are recorded.
The forecast and budget data are compared, booking patterns are analysed and displayed.
Monthly overview for reservations “on the books”, as well as deviations from budget and forecast
Daily pickup per market segment for 365 days in advance
Booking pace analysis and year-on-year comparison
Clear graphics, explicit tables, easy to understand representations - a quick and reliable preview of your occupancy development as basis for sound decisions
Pickup Tracking easily integrates into your existing IT structure

To Product Website Detailed Functions

To monitor success and as a source of information for data-driven marketing and sales decisions, PickupTracking collects all the important room booking transactions in one place, processes them into daily hotel key figures and provides analyses in one click. Setting up the interfaces (implementation) for the fully automated transfer of the “On the Books” data from the PMS to PickupTracking is usually completed in 24 hours.


By processing the occupancy data and room prices into sales values and hotel key figures, as well as the target/actual comparison with your forecast into clear tables and graphs, potential “problem days” could be identified quickly and early on. This gives you valuable time to react to overbooking or demand gaps in good time. For the performance comparison with historical values, you can choose to compare with the previous year’s date, weekday or event period, as required.


PickupTracking supports predictive occupancy and rate planning by rolling all reservation and cancellation transactions for the next 365 days. In addition, you can use the Pace Analysis to examine the development of demand and booking behavior for a specific point in time or period. The Pace Analysis gives you the information on how many guests made an advanced room booking for a specific day or event. Thus, PickupTracking improves your forecasting accuracy and helps you to successfully enforce your hotel’s rate strategy.

Revenue Management & Rooms Division

The goal of today’s modern revenue management is profit optimization by optimizing occupancy with an optimized room rate.

For this, revenue management primarily requires high quality and reliable information about historical and current booking behavior and room rates, broken down by hotel segment.


With PickupTracking, getting into profit-oriented revenue management based on software-supported data processing of all booking transactions into meaningful hotel key figures is possible at no additional effort.


PickupTracking delivers a clear presentation of all decision-relevant key performance indicators for occupancy and revenue for profit-optimized pricing and monitoring of the rate strategy.


At the click of a button, the current booking situation is displayed separately by segments and rolling for the next 365 days. The automatic target/actual comparison with the forecast makes deviations immediately visible for target-oriented action.


For cross-department information sharing, clearly arranged report tables and graphics can be easily forwarded to the front office, housekeeping, reception, restaurant management and purchasing team by a simple click of a button and via email.


In addition, the PickupTracking APP enables users to access their information right on their mobile phones or tablets while on the go. This is definitely a plus for agile management given the increased accuracy in creating purchasing plans and scheduling duty rosters.



Hotel Management & Finance Controlling

Deviations from the budget and revenue planning jeopardize the achievement of the profit and earnings targets and thus the long-term success of the hotel.


In order to stay up to date and to be able to intervene in a timely manner in the company’s processes, the hotel management including the finance directors should therefore be guaranteed quick access to the key figures of the current booking situation and its changes.


The web-based Fairmas monitoring and analysis tool displays the pickup on a daily basis, automates the target / actual comparison with the planned values, and shows deviations from the occupancy and revenue targets per segment at a glance.

PickupTracking consistently breaks down existing data silos and processes the booking transactions already digitized in the Property Management System (PMS) into meaningful hotel key figures.


This makes PickupTracking significantly more efficient than manually operated Excel spreadsheets, saves valuable working time and increases data quality through automatic data transfer. Regular data processing guarantees that the information is always up to date.


Our Fairmas Support team does the implementation remotely by using interfaces to connect to the existing hotel PMS. With this quick and easy “installation”, PickupTracking is usually ready to use after 24 hours. Data is securely hosted on a European server.

The additional Pickup Tracking APP offers location-independent access to information for a quick overview and is available for iOS and Android devices.




Sales & Marketing

Price transparency, increasing competitive pressure, growing number of booking portals (OTA) and social media are all contributing factors to the constant and fast-paced change in demand within the hotel market, thus reducing planning security.


For this reason, the sales and marketing department need a hotel-specific software solution that combines current and historical booking data with the budget and forecast data, which then simplifies and optimizes the process of checking (verification), controlling (validation) and analyzing demand behavior in order to respond quickly and accurately.


PickupTracking takes over the complete digital recording of all room reservations and compares them with the planned (forecast) and historical values:

  • Daily pickup per market segment and rolling 365 days in advance
  • Automated transfer of “On the Books” (OTB) data directly from the hotel’s own PMS
  • Comparison of the current booking situation with the planning data per hotel segment
  • Documentation of historical data for comparative analysis and determination of growth rates
  • Reports with graphic representations for maximum informative value and transparency

Detailed presentations of the booking activities over time supports the correct valuation of plan deviations and provides information as to when price changes should be applied to influence demand. The separate analysis of hotel segments helps in ensuring the success of target group-specific sales and marketing strategies are measurable, while also increases planning security.



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