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Functions & Features


Efficient Reservations Planning
Historical “on the books” data and its pickup development  
Monthly overview for reservations “on the books”, deviations from budget and forecast  
Comparison of forecast and budget data, analysis and display of booking patterns  
Pickup Tracking integrates into your existing structure  
Daily pickup per market segment for 365 days in advance  
Reservation on the books and pickup view  
Room nights, average rate and revenues per market segment  
Historical OTB data and pick up for up to 5 years  
Booking pace analyser and year-on-year comparison  
A rapid and reliable preview of your occupancy development with clear cut graphics, well defined tables and lucid illustrations providing a sound basis for daily decisions  
Excel-based company reports founded on defined key figures and periods (daily and/or monthly data)  
Automated email reporting meaning you receive your evaluations automatically when you want them  
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View of OTB reservation and pickup development with graph
Detailed pickup per market segment
Detailed OTB reservations per market segment
Same day last year comparison
Variance to budget or forecast
Numerous reports available (PDF or Excel)
Pickup Tracking APP – the add-on mobile version for those on the go


For a summary of the features and benefits of Pickup Tracking, the easy web-based monitoring solution for reservations on the books and their changes (pickup), download here:


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