Consolidation – Hotel Key Figures at Group Level

August 18, 2021, In All news, Fairmas Blog

Performance Analysis for Multi-Property in One Click   Summary:   To meet the challenging demands of the controlling and steering function, head offices of large hotel companies must be able to access all revenues, costs, and relevant hotel key figures quickly and easily. The level of detail of the analysis…

Mapping – the first step towards automation and standardization of financial planning

June 26, 2021, In All news, Fairmas Blog

Mapping is the basis for automated data import and export to maximize data quality and is the 1st step to BI solution.

Efficient multi-year planning of hotel profitability

April 14, 2021, In All news, Fairmas Blog

The Longe Range Planner integrated in FairPlanner enables simple multi-year planning based on flexibly selectable scenarios such as budget, forecast or what-if. Planning takes place in the hotel’s own income statement and simplifies strategic financial and profitability forecasting for the next 10 years.

What’s new! New features at FairPlanner

March 23, 2021, In Fairmas Blog

The easy way to stay up to date. The world moves fast. We all know this, and the Corona crisis has shown that yesterday’s planning can be outdated today since the general conditions change radically. To keep up with the fast pace of everyday hotel life, Fairmas is constantly developing…

Hospitality Financial BI Solution

February 22, 2021, In All news

The smart way of planning all revenues and costs. Executive Summary Business intelligence (BI) is a process of analyzing data and providing useful information that helps executives, managers and workers in business decision making. In the hotel industry, BI is something that one cannot ignore to operate its hotel. It…


February 22, 2021, In All news

How to gain a clear view and create comparability across your entire portfolio. Key to greater profitability in turbulent periods Executive Summary Standardization is a quality assurance tool. Standards are created through consensus. The goal of standardization is to simplify and create comparability. Due to the specifics of the hotel…

What-if scenarios & Forecasting

February 22, 2021, In All news

Key to greater profitability in turbulent periods Executive Summary What-if scenario and forecasting are crucial to build the future for one‘s hotel. These functions calculate the effect of the changes one might/has face and help to plan from A-Z: budget planning for all different hotel departments to risk assessment of…

Hotel Market in Germany: Annual Review of 2020

January 22, 2021, In Fairmas Blog

Right after the evaluation of the performance indicators in December 2020, you will find in the Fairmas Hotel Report annual review 2020 for the top destinations Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt and Munich.

Interface integration – the essential for better decisions

December 3, 2020, In Fairmas Blog

Make your work life easier with interfaces data integration Summary: Interfaces integration is the process of connecting different interfaces into a single software that functions as one. It has a great importance to prevent barriers of PMS and accounting systems, and to automate data transfer for efficient hotel financial planning….

Fairmas, new technological partner from ITH

November 24, 2020, In Fairmas Blog

Berlin, Valencia 20.11.2020: Fairmas is proud to announce that it is now a technology partner of ITH. By joining ITH, Fairmas is expected to reach many hoteliers in Spain who need support in digitalizing their financial planning, reporting, and monitoring of expenses and revenue management to better cope with the new…