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“We are the trusted partner empowering the world of hospitality to lead the future.”


“As hospitality experts, we understand the ever-evolving needs of each customer, enhancing their ability to maximise profitability.

We provide innovative and easy to integrate software solutions for financial planning and analysis, combined with our personalised service”

Our Mission

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Berlin-based HQ & software engineering hub


Hotels around the world


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115 countries worldwide


Languages available & more to come

Whether you are a customer, partner or employee, we make sure you feel like a part of the Fairmas family. We embody the core principles of the hospitality industry – commitment, communication & competence and make sure to enable your growth.

We are Fairmas

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Fairmas GmbH

Managing Director,
Fairmas Services GmbH

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Sales Manager, North America

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The Fairmas Story

How did Fairmas change the hospitality tech landscape?

Back in 2003, a group of curious hoteliers in Berlin decided to innovate and solve certain problems of the hospitality industry by providing hotel-specific software solutions. Only a hotelier could truly step into the shoes of someone struggling in the hospitality industry. They knew exactly what the pain-points were and set out on a mission to put an end to the struggles, innovate and create Fairmas 

Headquartered in Berlin, Fairmas launched its first benchmarking software in 2004. After its huge success and ample conversations with customers, new pain-points were discovered. This led to the creation of a hospitality financial BI solution called FairPlanner in 2007. Every year, Fairmas’ growth is unprecedented as customer pain-points drive the creation of innovative solutions at the company. Group consolidation, daily performance reporting, Payroll planning, and Data Management for Hotel Assets have all followed as building blocks to enable the success of the hospitality industry worldwide.  

Today, Fairmas has customers and employees from all over the world.

Most of the Fairmas employees come from years of hospitality experience. This unique hospitality background helps our employees connect to the needs of the customers on a very personal level. They work actively to provide the most innovative solutions and understand you as hospitality experts. Fairmas lives and breathes hospitality and continues to grow year after year. 

Fairmas Offices

Our offices are spread between Europe & North America with plans of expanding further in the future.

Fairmas is currently located in


Fairmas GmbH
EUREF-Campus 13
10829 Berlin, Germany

Tel.: + (49) 30-322-9405-20
E-Mail: contact@fairmas.com


Fairmas GmbH
Calle Turia 53, Bajo
46008 Valenica, Spain
Tel.: + (34) 611-616-086
E-Mail: Spain.office@fairmas.com


Fairmas GmbH
Calle Turia 53, Bajo
46008 Valenica, Spain
Tel.: + (34) 611-616-086
E-Mail: Spain.office@fairmas.com


Fairmas Canada Inc.
10330 Ch. Cote de Liesse,
Suite #240
Lachine, QC H8T 1A3, Canada
E-Mail: Canada.office@fairmas.com


From small individual hotels to major international hotel chains, we offer a suitable solution for every requirement.


We have a selection of 100+ integrations which seamlessly integrate into your existing IT system to help you save time, money, and data errors.


We have a targeted and open involvement of selected partners to constantly optimize our products & further expand the portfolio.

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