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Interface integration – the essential for better decisions

December 3, 2020, In Fairmas Blog

Make your work life easier with interfaces data integration


Interfaces integration is the process of connecting different interfaces into a single software that functions as one. It has a great importance to prevent barriers of PMS and accounting systems, and to automate data transfer for efficient hotel financial planning.

Why is integration crucial for every hotel

The need for data integration and how it benefits you

Due to the continuously increasing digitization in various operational areas, hotels now have a large amount of information at their disposal. But far too often, data are still confined in their data silos and cannot be processed automatically elsewhere due to the absence of necessary interfaces. This results in manual and auxiliary calculations to break down these data silos, which inevitably costs valuable time.

Therefore, integration is a fundamental need. It converges core hotel departments, from sales to the front desk to housekeeping to accounting automatically. Integration eliminates the need to consolidate information between departments by manual. System integration helps you to work efficiently across your entire property by acquiring individual interfaces that best suits your specific needs —  the best PMS, the best DMS, the best hospitality BI, the best accounting system, rate shopper, and the best planning, reporting and controlling solution, — all working together to create the best management system. 

As the hospitality industry is rapidly operating online, the hotel IT environment is also called to integrate with online cloud systems, guest self-check-in apps, online channel managers, and digital marketing software.

Excursus: The advantage of cloud-based solution

Moving to the cloud brings additional benefits. Cloud-based solutions enable access at any time and from any location. This facilitates access for all decision-makers and employees – regardless of country and time zones. All that is required is Internet access, a PC, tablet or smartphone, and access authorization. The cloud reduces response times to a minimum. In addition, simultaneous processing is possible. Instead of sending revised Excel spreadsheets back and forth and running the risk of losing the track, all employees have the same information centrally at their fingertips.

The Importance of Interfaces

The interfaces function as the synapses to transfer the data and information to the platform which is the brain – where you take care of the whole operation of the hotel. Some people may think that interfaces are not as essential as other systems, but they are a crucial technology foundation and powerhouse behind the scenes of hospitality industry. Interfaces minimize the demand of on-site IT support at hotel properties by central hosting software and remote monitoring.

Therefore, it is important to integrate those vital interfaces to automatically transfer the cost and revenue data for smooth hotel operations.

For instance, you have to make sure that all data no matter in which specific PMS, DMS, accounting system a single hotel or multiple properties are using, should be shown and used for planning and controlling in one solution like the BI software FairPlanner.

Integration of relevant information from PMS, ERPs, DMS, RMS etc. via interfaces

Our service: If you are interested in planning, reporting, and controlling solution and Business Intelligence solution made just for hotels, please contact us, and request a demo.

Pool of interfaces by Fairmas – the foundation of 360 ° Insight

Examples of our recent / existing integrated interfaces

The Fairmas interfaces are regularly maintained and updated. A multitude of customer-specific adaptations and programming additionally extends the range of interfaces. It ensures the quick and easy integration of our Fairmas products into your existing hotel IT system. 


Note: If the hotel software you are using is not included in our list, please contact us. We are also happy to integrate other interfaces.

Some examples of our PMS interfaces:

Some examples of our Accounting and Document Management Systems (DMS) interfaces:

Interfaces to hotel benchmark solutions:

Integration with other interfaces enables joint customers to view their own hotel performance indicators (KPIs) and those of Fairmas’ competitors from Fairmas’ Benchmark in an aggregated format within the BI platform. This allows them to access the extensive historical data for analysis, thus enabling them to improve their performance. In this way, they can react more quickly to changes in the competitive environment.

Excursus: Keeping an eye on the competitors all the time

Benchmarking – focusing on the best performers and analyzing the competition has been an important management task in the hotel market for a long time. The integration of benchmark data into hotel-specific financial planning via interfaces from STR to Fairmas Benchmark is here to help.

Some examples of our Revenue Management Systems, Rate Shopper interfaces:

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With FairPlanner, success is easier to plan – get to know us.

We have made it our mission to support hoteliers worldwide with a hotel-specific financial planning solution for planning, budgeting and forecasting. FairPlanner is currently used by more than 4,000 hotel customers worldwide.

FairPlanner takes into account industry-specific standards and also offers over 65 interfaces for easy integration. FairPlanner is already a valuable part of its planning and controlling process for around 11,000 users worldwide.   

Fairmas software is Business Intelligence, it does not only connect with PMS systems, but also Accounting Systems / ERPs, PMS and other third-party systems. To learn more about BI and what benefits to hotels and hoteliers: Business Intelligence in the hotel industry.