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Interfaces increase efficiency and ensure data quality

Due to the continuously increasing digitization in various operational areas, hotels now have a large amount of information at their disposal. But far too often, data are still confined in their data silos and cannot be processed automatically elsewhere due to the absence of necessary interfaces. This results in manual and auxiliary calculations to break down these data silos which inevitably costs valuable time. In addition, this manual work unintentionally leads to a loss of quality because of input gaps due to workload, vacation or illness, as well as errors in data entry. Based on this costly and unprofitable situation, the hotel industry’s call for interfaces that enable automatic data exchange is becoming louder and louder.


Taking heed of this great necessity from the hotel industry and as former hoteliers ourselves, we at Fairmas recognized this requirement early on. This is also why for many years we have regarded the easy integration of our software via interfaces as a central focus of our product development.


For the easy integration of our Fairmas solutions into your existing hotel IT system as well as the automated transfer of already existing data, we offer you a selection of interfaces to different Property Management Systems (PMS) as well as Accounting and Document Management Systems (DMS). This saves you time and money, and at the same time reduces possible sources of errors in data processing and information retrieval. If the hotel software you are using is not included in our list, please contact us. By all means, we are happy to take over the programming of other interfaces.


The Fairmas interfaces are regularly maintained and updated. A multitude of customer-specific adaptations and programming additionally extends the range of interfaces and ensures the quick and easy integration of our Fairmas products into your existing hotel IT system.


In addition to our cooperation with the various IT solution providers, we maintain a collaborative knowledge exchange with various hotel and revenue experts, associations, consulting companies and media companies. You will find a list of our partnerships and cooperations under Partners.


Property Management Systems (PMS)

Accounting System and Document Management System

Others – Revenue Management System, Rate Shopper, Benchmarking, etc.

Amadeus Hospitality Logo

  • formerly “Brilliant” (Coming soon)
  • Amadeus Cloud Property management is a full-featured, cloud-native PMS solution for hotels that can be quickly deployed, significantly lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) and is seamlessly scalable. Website:

    Logo Apaleo

    apaleo is the easiest to use property management system that connects to all your favorite hotel technology. Website:

    Logo ASA Hotel Software

    ASA hotel software offers a wealth of smart features, modules and interfaces to streamline hotel management along the entire value chain. With our hotel management software, complex internal processes are fully automated guaranteeing efficient, error-proof work. Website:

    ASSD Logo

    Windows-, Cloud- or Web-based. Continuous developments and permanent updates, the ASSD PMS is perfect for hotels, hostels and chains of all sizes. ASSD offers a unique customising technology. This innovative and virtually unlimited system supports individual installations that are all customised without the need to change core programmes. Website:



    Clock PMS logo

  • Coming soon
  • Enterprise-grade Hotel PMS: Clock is intuitive, versatile, connected, mobile. Website:

    Logo Apaleo

  • by Accor
  • iPMS FOLS [Front Office Light Services] is Accor’s own PMS that is fully integrated with Accor’s TARS connected channels meaning that bookings from GDS connected sources will integrate automatically. Website: FOLS welcome video

    Logo Infor HMS

  • HMS
  • Infor Hospitality Management Solution is a hotel property management system built for the cloud with the flexibility, security, efficiency, and mobile capabilities to deliver a great guest experience. Website:

    logo hostware-hotelsoftware


    Guestline Rezlynx logo

  • Rezlynx (Coming soon)
  • Rezlynx PMS provides you with the tools and insight to make your daily life easier by automating routine tasks and liberating your staff to focus on the guest. Website:

    logo mews

    Mews Systems uses technology to provide hoteliers with the tools to offer personalised guest experiences in a digital world. The Mews Commander Property Management System was built to suit the needs of modern hotels. An open cloud-based PMS allows you to plug in any of your favourite apps, tools and services in minutes and for free. Website:

    Logo Opera

  • Opera
  • Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property provides a full-featured, property-management system that enables you to deliver world-class guest service and increase operational efficiency across the property. Website: Oracle Opera website

    Optima by Silverbyte logo

    Optima PMS is an all-in-one software solution which will help you to manage your hotel and maximize your revenue. The software will allow you to control the rates, the yield management, the calendar and basically all the aspects of hotel management. Website:


  • Air – coming soon
  • protel PMS is the cloud-based comprehensive hotel management solution that demonstrates limitless scalability and stable operation. Website:


  • On-Premise
  • protel PMS is also available as an on-premise or as a hosted service solution, making it an ideal choice for hotels that for any reason do not wish, or are unable to make use of a cloud product at this time. Website:


    reconline PMS offers a web-based Property Management System (PMS) with single-image inventory, operating traditional CRS and PMS functions from one central database. reconline PMS is comprehensive in scope with easy-to-use, feature-rich functions that can be easily adapted for both hotel chains and independent properties. Website:

    Partner sihot

    SIHOT.PMS is your basic hotel management software package. It combines all front office and reservation tasks, housekeeping functions and night audit in one highly flexible and dynamic GUI. A host of practical extra functions help your staff to carry out their duties smoothly and efficiently. A word processor and spreadsheet are also included in SIHOT, cancelling the need for expensive licence fees. Website:

    Logo Infor Starlight

  • Starlight
  • Infor Hospitality software features social, mobile, analytic, and cloud technologies that drive new levels of usability, connectivity, and insight. Infor HMS is the multi-tier hotel property management system and Infor Starlight Conference Management System covers all areas of event and banquet management. Website:

    Oracle Suite 8 logo

  • Suite8
  • Oracle Hospitality Suite8 Property combines all hotel processes into a single software solution. From reservations to housekeeping, from restaurant to sales and marketing, this software suite supports all areas of your hotel while focusing on your most valuable asset: your guest. This product is available in EMEA only. Website:

    Logo Indra TMSforHotels

  • TMS
  • Indra TMSforHOTELS is the SAP “all-in-one” solution with global coverage for hotel business operations. It is the tool that allows hotel chains to operate in a completely integrated fashion, taking maximum advantage of their competitive strengths, optimizing their business processes and offering the best and most innovative services to their guests. Website:

    Partner 1C Company

    1C Company specializes in software development, distribution, publishing, and support. Website:

    a3erp software logo

    Website: a3ERP

    Partner Abacus Business Software

    ABACUS Business Software is a standard business software for SMEs. The ABACUS Business Software includes a complete ERP solution. Website:

    Partner allinvos

    Allinvos is the digital accounts payable management for the hotel, catering, trade and service industries, where handling of the complete invoice workflow is done online. Website:

    Logo Billbox


    BMD software logo


    Partner cisbox

    With cisbox® CISFLOW, CISBOX is a leading developer and operator of browser-based accounts payable automation solutions. Website:



    Elo digital office logo


    Oracle Essbase logo

  • Essbase
  • Website: Oracle Essbase

    Exact online logo


    Logo Fibunet


    Filosof logo

    Financial Accounting, Payroll Accounting and Roster Management

    A uniform concept – a suitable idea Filosof GmbH, software developer for back-office programs around the hotel administration – the heart of the property. Website:

    Grand Back Accor logo

  • Grand Back
  • Accor Hotel Group’s own Accounting system

    Habel Document Management System logo


    Helios software logo


    HGK software logo


    Iptor IBS logo

  • formerly IBS
  • Website:

    Igel software logo


    Infor ERP logo

  • ERP
  • Website: Infor ERP

    Logo Mirus


    SAP logo


    Tsenit Logo

  • Addison
  • Website:

    Prime WinOffice logo


    Partner eproductive


    Partner Hotellistat

  • Coming soon
  • Hotellistat offers all-in-one big data analytics for hotels and their markets, starting from simple price charts up to complex positioning analytics in the fields: pricing, reputation, social media and web&e-commerce. Website:

    Partner HQ plus

    HQ plus gives you all relevant market and competitive information, in real time. We provide you with all the rates in all room categories. You will also get all other available rates on all platforms from all competitors, and you will see how your prices compare to those of your competitors. If you would like to know more about HQ plus, please visit our website or send an email to Website:

    Partner ideas


    Partner LucaNet

    Marriott International logo

  • One Yield
  • OTA insights

    OTA Insight empowers hoteliers to make smarter revenue and distribution decisions through its market-leading suite of cloud-based business intelligence solutions including Rate Insight, Parity Insight and Revenue Insight. Website:

    Partner Revinate

    Revinate helps hotels know more about their guests so they can deliver personalized experiences that create valuable relationships and lifelong customers. Using guest data combined with a marketing engagement platform, hotels can better understand and engage their audiences, increasing loyalty and revenue. Revinate is well-funded by leading investment firms Northgate Capital, Tenaya Capital, Industry Ventures, Benchmark Capital, Formation 8, and Tao Capital. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, Cape Town and Sydney, Revinate counts over 25,000 of the world’s leading hospitality brands as customers. Website:

    IHG Logo

  • SBRP / IBP
  • Website: About IIHG SBRP

    Partner STR Global

    Founded in 1985, STR provides premium data benchmarking, analytics and marketplace insights for global hospitality sectors. Fairmas and STR Global have been cooperating throughout Germany since 2007. Customers of both companies can access a common benchmarking data pool of more than 500 hotels with daily data entry to analyze their own market position. Website:

    The Fairmas Team

    Our team of over 45 experienced hotel and IT specialists ensures the creative solutions of tailor-made hotel software.

    Niels Schröder Managing Director

    Niels Schröder (Managing Director at Fairmas since 2011) is responsible for strategic product direction and development, as well as for operative business.

    Wolfgang Gattringer Owner/ Strategie

    Wolfgang Gattringer, as a partner in Fairmas, is in charge of successfully positioning and developing our product strategies.

    Oliver Rabe Director Business Development

    As the Director of Business Development, Oliver Rabe is in charge of successfully positioning and developing our product strategies.

    Alexander Engels Business Development Manager

    Alexander Engels is responsible for the business development with a focus on the English-speaking markets.

    Ellen Huerst Representative - Benelux

    Ellen Huerst is in charge of successfully positioning and developing our product strategies in the Benelux Area and is located in Amsterdam.

    Carla Richart Representative - Spain

    Carla is responsible for the product strategy and business development in the Spanish market. She is based in Valencia.

    Fabio Boettcher Customer Service Manager

    Fabio Boettcher, the customer service manager, and his support team are responsible for Fairmas’ technical and business support.

    Melanie Buck Project Manager

    Melanie Buck is responsible for the successful implementation of Fairmas software and the rollout to new customers.

    Marion Cappel Project Manager

    Marion Cappel is responsible for special projects and the successful implementation of Fairmas software and rollout to new customers.

    Robin Sedlaczek Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

    Robin Sedlaczek, along with his team of experienced IT specialists, oversees the entire IT and software development sector.

    Frithjof Niessen Director Product Management

    Frithjof Niessen is in charge of the entire product development process from conceptualization to implementation.

    Verena Bock Marketing & Communications Manager

    Verena Bock is responsible for the marketing, advertising and public relations as Marketing & Communications Manager at Fairmas.