Fairmas hands over the Hotel Benchmarking

Over the last 18 years up until now, both partners mutually conducted market research based on the daily data of more than 2.200 hotels throughout Germany. Fairmas now withdraws from this Hotel Benchmarking business and subsequently all participating hotels shall benefit from the global STR expertise in the future.

Fairmas’ Top Newly Added Hotel Software Features of 2021

Person seating at a table working on computer

As the new year comes around in full swing and everyone makes plans of introspection, change and creating a better, more up-to-date version of themselves, Fairmas has its own set of milestones that were achieved in 2021 and goals to look forward to in 2022.

Case Study: Dynamic Financial Reporting

The hotel business has become increasingly complex. This means the need for timely and well-structured financial reports and planning documents, that could be fulfilled through digitalized reporting.