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Functions & Features


For Hotels & Hostels
Web-based access, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year  
Automatic email reporting system and Excel export  
Interfaces: automatic data import from PMS and Data Warehouse systems as well as data export to Data Warehouse systems  
Free head office version with special consolidation reports (minimum 5 hotels) and direct access from the head office version into individual hotels  
Daily, monthly or annual performance benchmarking  
Event reporting and calculation of event value (trade shows, holidays etc.)  
Individual reports on demand  
Reports in different currencies  
Extended data collection (total revenue, arrivals, guests etc.)  
Declaration of toleration from the German Federal Cartel Office  
Indicators per room and bed  
Definition of customised competitor set  
Additional predefined sets of competitors (e.g. star category)  
Comparative data for trade fairs and events (predefined events or individually created events)  
Best and lowest performer  
Integrated Trendbarometer with a preview of the next 3 months  
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You can find detailed information about our Benchmarking Solution in the Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded as a PDF here:

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