Basic Professional Advanced Corporate
General Functions
Web-based and multilingual (de, en, es, fr, zh)        
Multiproperty-enabled client system        
Flexible chart of accounts based on cost center structure
(e.g. USALI)
Dynamic user management and access system        
Planning & reporting for all revenue and profit centers        
Flexible periods and divergent fiscal year        
Flexible cluster and set structure for your portfolio    
Reporting for all business units of your portfolio  
3rd Party data
Import and display of actual values from your accounting system (independent of the system)        
Display of all actual postings of the accounting system        
Mapping functionality between accounting and reporting chart of accounts        
Direct link to each receipt at external online accounting archives (DMS)        
Interfaces to various PMS systems      
Interfaces  external revenue management tools      
Display of current and historical “On-the-Books” data      
Event Calendar      
Group-wide consolidation of the actual data of all business units  
Flexible planning scenarios (e.g. Budget & Forecast)        
Flexible scenarios management (copy, etc.)        
Planning by key figures (Driver)        
Multiple key figure planning per account line Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Simultaneous planning of multiple accounts and departments        
Simultaneous planning of same account/cost center of multiple properties        
Planning by market segment        
Sub-accounts for detailed planning, if required (Breakdown Grid)        
Configurable workflow for the control of planning processes        
What-If Scenarios      
Planning on a daily basis (e.g. for revenue)      
Salary & wages planning per position and/or employee      
Calculation of Payroll, Taxes & Employee Benefits (PTEBs) and incentive payments      
Manning guide-based staff planning      
Differentiation: permanent employees, part-time employees, contract personnel      
Planning based on productivity benchmarks (base/variable manning)      
Calculation of vacation accrual    
EFTE / FTE calculation    
Allocation (Apportionment within cost center structure)    
Long-range planning Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Flow-through planning    
Balance sheet planning Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Cashflow planning Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Group-wide consolidation of the planning data of all business units  
Comprehensive reporting, e.g. Excel and PDF export        
Commentary function and commentary report        
Comparison to previous year and other scenarios        
Dashboard configurable Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Email reporting        
Daily breakdown of pickup and on the books data per market segment      
Pace analysis      
“Same day last year” comparison      
Year on Year Pickup Comparison by date or by weekday      
Integration of rate shopping data        
Integration of benchmarking data Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Flow-through reporting    
Group reporting (including P&L, market segmentation, cost benchmarks, KPIs)  
Group-wide dynamic revenue and cost line analysis
Search function with specified searches for each section of the application      
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P&L – All scenarios at a glance
P&L Planning and Controlling
All Departments (USALI)
Filters, Views and Exports
P&L Forecasting and Budgeting
Edit Assistant
P&L Drill-down
Workflow Management
Breakdown Grid
FairPlanner purpose


You can find detailed information about FairPlanner in the Fact Sheet, which can be downloaded as a PDF here:

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