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What’s new! New features at FairPlanner

March 23, 2021, In Fairmas Blog

The easy way to stay up to date.

The world moves fast. We all know this, and the Corona crisis has shown that yesterday’s planning can be outdated today since the general conditions change radically.

To keep up with the fast pace of everyday hotel life, Fairmas is constantly developing its industry-specific software solutions for process-optimized revenue, cost planning, efficient controlling, management reporting, and enhancing them continuously with helpful new functionalities.

However, improvements and new introductions are only helpful if they are noticed, tested, and incorporated into the daily routine by every user. Thanks to SaaS technology, users can access the new features immediately without any complications.

After all, what’s the benefit of extra reports and evaluations, if there is no time to get to know them?

We make it easier – With every release

Every release reveals something new. Our product developers work to ensure that every change, enhancement, or launch makes our users’ day-to-day work easier. Our goal is to streamline processes and quickly provide each user with the information needed at that moment. Regardless of whether a detailed analysis is needed at the operational level or the consolidated key performance indicators for investors or hotel owners at the headquarters of a hotel group. The goal is always to transform relevant data into information for management decisions as efficiently as possible, so that agile management is made possible.

But how do we “tell” about new things?

How do we arouse curiosity? After all, new things initially mean investing time.

“Knowledge transfer” type of information is not very attractive and let’s face it, many of us just keep clicking.

As we all know, pictures say more than a thousand words and films can help to deliver information quickly.

Let’s talk – Welcome dialog

This is our way to keep our users informed providing them all information they need to exploit the full potential of our Hotel BI financial planning, controlling and reporting solutions.

Information about FairPlanner in compact format.

How does multi-year planning work? What can the new Daily Management Report do?

Knowledge online – Direct communication

We plan to offer additional and more detailed information to our customers and prospects in blog posts in the future. Unlike the “What’s new dialog”, these will be available online as a blog.

The easiest way to stay up to date is to follow us on LinkedIn.

Simply sign up on LinkedIn

Helpful tips, comments and suggestions are always welcome. Fairmas users can contact our support, additionally you will find an email address at the end of each “What’s new dialog” for direct contact with Fairmas product development. 

If you have any questions about FairPlanner, please contact us by the contact form or write to us at office@fairmas.com.

We look forward to seeing you.

Your Fairmas Team