Fairmas takes part again in Developer Open Space 2017

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Fairmas takes part again in Developer Open Space 2017

October 24, 2017, In News items

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For its 10th edition, the Developer Open Space with the slogan “Continuous Improvement” saw more than 400 software developers converging from the 13th to the 15th October in Leipzig, Germany.


This year, some of the software developers and product managers of Fairmas GmbH, and Robin Sedlaczek, Chief Technology Officer of Fairmas and initiator of the .NET User Group Berlin-Brandenburg were again part of the community conference. They listened, shared their technical knowledge and best practices in software development. Particular problems and questions that the participants have to face in their day-to-day work were subject of discussions as well.



Robin Sedlaczek leads a workshop about .NET, .NET Core and .NET Standard


On October 13th, first day of the Developer OpenSpace conference, Fairmas CTO Robin Sedlaczek conducted a workshop sharing his hands-on experience with the programming of web-based software and his extensive knowledge of .NET to all those who are interested in searching for an effective guide on the conversion of .NET into .NET Core in their practice. Using practical examples, he shared his experiences and gave helpful tips for sensible handling. Questions and problems were definitely welcomed, and were answered and solved together in the sense of “Continuous Improvement”. This was also the reason why the workshop ended two hours later than announced.


Missed the Workshop? Click here for Robin’s Review and the slides from his .NET workshop.


Exchange of Knowledge on Equal Footing 


The second and third day had a different conference concept following the first day of workshops. At the beginning of each day, the participants were able to propose topics that they were particularly interested in or to which they would like to contribute. Everyone democratically and by show of hands selected the topics and were coordinated and worked out in separate groups during the day. Thus ensuring that only contents found to be important by the majority were discussed. The classical lecture format was replaced by having individuals work together in small groups. The benefit: making the conference meaningful and worthwhile to the programmers as they were able to independently decide which content was to be dealt with and the transfer of useful knowledge and exchange of practical experiences were strengthened.


Self-Organized Exchange of Knowledge and Experience


What began in 2008 as the initiative of Alexander Gross, Torsten Weber, Marcel Hoyer and Stefan Lieser with a small circle of 75 participants has now become a multi-day platform for self-organized further education through the exchange of knowledge and experience. Over the years, however, not only has the number of participants increased to a staggering 400, the concept has also continuously improved from year to year. To support the participants throughout the whole duration of the conference, open spaces, games, craft materials, glass walls to describe the creativity process were made available, and packed lunches provided the necessary refreshment during the long-running workshops. The range of technical topics was broad. The first day of the OpenSpace, the classic workshop day, was enough to cover Azure, which is of great importance and interest to web app developers, and to address the question how using Secure-Coding for the protection of data against viruses can be increased. This has become a hot topic following the global cyberattack known as the WannaCry ransomware attack back in May 2017 and is now found to be of great importance to small to medium-sized enterprises.


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