Fairmas Hotel Report April 2015

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Fairmas Hotel Report April 2015

April 8, 2015, In Fairmas hotel report

Hotel Performance March 2015

The charm of a grand hotel or stylish minimalism? Being spoiled by comprehensive five-star luxury service or being given just the very basics? When low-priced hotels were opened in German cities during the economic crisis year of 2008/09, not a few industry experts rubbed their eyes in disbelief. Just a flash in the pan? The hotel trade’s own economic miracle? The experts still have trouble defining budget hotels, because it is far too simple to define them solely by price. In this month’s central topic, we deal with the thought-provoking question of which market has the greater growth potential – luxury or budget? Whilst the media are primarily focusing on budget hotels as the new kids on the block, we went in search of objective answers, with reliable Fairmas industry figures as the basis for our analysis.

Although this spring has shown serious weaknesses, the latest trade statistics for the metropolitan regions do show a stable “area of high pressure”. The Fairmas Hotel Report April 2015 reports on this in detail.

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