Fairmas hotel report: November 2014

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Fairmas hotel report: November 2014

November 7, 2014, In All news, Fairmas hotel report

Hotel performance October 2014 in comparison to previous year

In this Fairmas Hotel Report, we examine the performance of German cities, on time and informatively. The figures reveal the sensitive movements of the market – good and bad times between Hamburg and Munich. But how do things look in those cities and towns beyond the major conurbations? Which factors are affecting booking behaviour there? Our author Gabriele Kiesling, analyst at Solutions dot WG, examined the potential of the cities of Rostock/Warnemünde, Mainz and Darmstadt. She has meticulously put together the pieces of a puzzle made up of seasonal highlights, territorial conditions and peculiarities, school holiday periods, trade fair events, concerts, and many other factors. It is a thoroughly exciting view of the first three quarters of 2014 in these three cities, as well as a clear demonstration of how benchmarking helps in really understanding the market.

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