Fairmas hotel report: November 2013

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Fairmas hotel report: November 2013

July 8, 2014, In All news, Fairmas hotel report

Hotel performance October 2013 in comparison to previous year

Hamburg is sometimes splendid, sometimes crazy, sometimes typically Hanseatic and sometimes all these things at the same time. The city enjoys excellent popularity ratings. For years, the number of overnight stays has been steadily increasing. Even when compared with other European destinations, the city of Hamburg’s growth rates are well above average. It is no wonder that more and more hotels are being planned, built and opened. In addition to the existing 300-plus accommodation establishments with at least ten beds, 23 new hotel projects with 8,720 beds have been planned to open in Hamburg in the next three years. What is the Hamburg market characterized by? Which specific factors contribute to it? What are the chances that existing and planned hotels will be successful? In this Hotel Report, Solutions Dot WG has examined the market in detail, has thrown a light on developments, highlighted trends, and has analysed opportunities and pointed out chances. At the same time, the present Report shows the importance of a comprehensive analysis of all the objective factors for hoteliers, investors and tourism professionals.

A “golden October” and awaiting for the joys of Christmas. We have the figures for October fresh off the press and we look at the forecasts for November, December and January in the Trendbarometer. Once again, it has been shown that short-term booking behaviour is making planning and forecasting difficult. On the optimistic side: a few positive surprises. We wish you a great deal of satisfaction in your work and hope that you enjoy reading the Hotel Report.