Fairmas hotel report: May 2014

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Fairmas hotel report: May 2014

July 9, 2014, In All news, Fairmas hotel report

Hotel performance April 2014 in comparison to previous yaer

Dusseldorf is home to Germany’s only “Japantown”, and international companies such as E.on, Henkel, Metro, ThyssenKrupp and Vodafone D2 have based their headquarters here. The town is a destination for managers, fashion industry professionals, trade show visitors, architecture fans, art connoisseurs, and concert-goers, for shopping freaks and leisurely strollers. Cosmopolitan charm and Rhineland joie de vivre shape the image of the North Rhine-Westphalian capital. Dusseldorf is an important economic centre in the heart of Europe, a lively, modern capital, as well as a trade fair venue with an international flair. Dusseldorf has a well-developed infrastructure and a modern airport with growth potential. From the “Kö” (Königsallee), a bewitching and luxurious boulevard, it is a stone’s throw to the historic old town with its 260 bars and restaurants. The city can boast more than two dozen museums and exhibition halls, over a hundred galleries, a lively theatre scene, as well as annual events such as the Carnival, the ‘biggest funfair on the Rhine” and the jazz rally, and of course the Rhine embankment promenade, which leads to the MedienHafen (“Media harbour”). This very attractive location with its distinctive architecture symbolizes the successful structural change that has taken place throughout the region. High quality services and expertise have replaced a landscape of coal-mining and pit-head winding towers.
Dusseldorf is a centre of creativity. More than 485 advertising agencies and 414 advertising medium companies are located here, including the three agencies with the highest sales in Germany. More than 160 publishing houses are based in the state capital. North Rhine-Westphalia is the federal state with the most highly concentrated network of universities and research institutions in Germany.

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