Fairmas hotel report: March 2014

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Fairmas hotel report: March 2014

July 9, 2014, In All news, Fairmas hotel report

Hotel performance February 2014 comparison to previous year

The hotel world is full of activity. The IHIF Congress and the ITB have confirmed this once again. Some destinations stand out, while others have trouble keeping pace. New hotels are opened, existing ones change their profiles. One of the defining and robust developments is individualization, the ever greater focus on specific target groups. A recipe for success? We asked the people who should really know best: those hoteliers whose hotels appeal to a clearly defined target group. The “new generation hotels” in particular are novel and exciting. In this Hotel Report, you can read all about what makes them tick and how they look in terms of economic efficiency. We would like to thank all those who answered our questions, and who are inspiring and encouraging their colleagues.

The Trendbarometer’s forecasts are heartening for the industry as a whole. Hoteliers have only been worrying a little about OCC, ADR, and RevPar in Dresden and Munich. Generally, the industry has been benefiting from the mild winter and early spring, which has been making tourism flourish, especially in metropolitan areas. After all, last year’s winter stuck around until April – even on the plains. The good news is that the Berlin hoteliers can also register some positive figures at last. Sure: it can still get better.

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