Fairmas Hotel-Report January 2015

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Fairmas Hotel-Report January 2015

January 19, 2015, In All news, Fairmas hotel report

Hotel performance December 2014 in comparison to previous year and a look at the performance in 2014

Was 2014 a good year? We’ll leave judgment on that to the politicians and newspaper columnists, and will gladly include the winegrowers and wine connoisseurs in that merry group. What it did for the trade you can read in this hotel report – an analytic look at the performance of the most important German destinations in 2014. We have looked at the figures and interprets the results based on reliable information from the most extensive data bank in the business and, of course, the hands-on knowledge acquired through more than ten years of market experience.

The final month of the 2014 vintage left an exceedingly pleasant aftertaste between Hamburg and Munich. The December calendar permitted three full business weeks which definitely provided for some rate-strong business activity. Shopping and tourism was also brisk in the major cities over Advent, Christmas and New Year.

We wish you a good vintage for 2015 – the best of health, happiness and success and, of course, inspiring reading of the hotel report!

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